Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Kg Massage Therapy

Kg Massage Therapy is a professional massage therapy service dedicated in providing therapeutic  and holistic massage treatments to promote good health and well-being for men, women and babies using the best  natural products. For more information please visit www.therapeuticmassageuk.co.uk 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Caribbean Pleasure!

I recently visited the caribbean on business. But had some time to research about different complementary therapies. I managed in my busy schedule to spend the opportunity with therapists who specialised in different techniques. It is amazing how they use various combinations of local herbs, flowers, and fruit to make pastes for facial masks, weight loss, stretch marks etc. I tried some for keloid scaring which worked really well. What surprised me the most is that we can get some of the ingredients here in the UK. This was my first time since qualifying as a Massage Therapist to travel abroad. This opportunity has me thirsting for more knowledge about different natural products that therapists in other countries around the world might be using to benefit their clients and maximising wellbeing.  However I am not sure as yet where I might venture next...

Friday, 18 December 2015

Massage mediums

Massage mediums are lubricants that enable the therapist's hands to move freely and smoothly over the client's skin. The three most common mediums are: oils, creams, waxes and balms. For adult treatments I use sweet almond oil or a blend of oils. However for Infant/baby massage I use sunflower or grape seed oil. 

Lotions & Creams

Massage creams and lotions are well-suited to deep tissue and other high-friction massages. They  provide medium glide, and while they can be nourishing to the skin, are absorbed fairly slowly. They are usually non-sticky, making each massage easier to clean up, and they are also usually non-slip, providing better stability throughout each treatment. Creams and lotions will usually include preservatives so it does not become rancid. I prefer to use creams made from natural ingredients by Arbonne.

Some creams and lotions, particularly water-based ones, can leave the skin feeling dry. Creams come in jars or tubs which don’t fit into holsters, which can be a hassle during treatments.  You also have to be much more careful for hygiene purposes. Creams and lotions are often cold when first applied to the skin and can be difficult to heat. Many are also scented, which will bother some clients. 

Top Tip: Cream from Arbonne come in tubes which easily fit in massage holsters and are made from all natural products. The creams moistens and do not leave stains or dry out the skin. 


Oil is deeply nourishing to the skin and some are easily absorbed. It provides high glide and can be stored in pump bottles and carried around in a holster. Oil also goes a long way - it can be an economical option when working over large surfaces. Oils warm up very quickly, so it can provide a very pleasant experience for the client.

Oil can sometimes leave a slightly sticky feeling on the skin when the treatment is finished. It can also stain linen, and if it gets on the floor around the table it can be slippery underfoot. If you accidentally pour out too much oil, it either has to go on the client straight or be wiped away, as you cannot easily put it somewhere else for later use in the treatment. Some oils can become rancid relatively quickly. 

Top Tips: Use oils that are high in oleic because it will absorb into the skin providing lots of nutrients, especially with people who suffer from extremely dry skin. I use sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil or sunflower massage oil.

Waxes & Balms

Waxes and balms provide a high level of control to the therapist during treatment. The increased grip and lower glide means that treatments can be calm and controlled Beeswax, a key ingredient, is antibacterial, so they resist rancidity for a long time.

Waxes and balms are very thick, so they are unsuitable for use on hairy clients. Maintaining hygiene is also more difficult, as they usually come in tubs that require use of a spatula. Nearly all massage waxes are blended with almond oil, which can present an issue for clients with nut allergies.

Top Tips: Always check for allergies by testing products on a sensitive area such as inner part of the wrist and leave for at least 10 minutes for any signs of swelling, redness etc.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Baby massage

Gentle massage also have great benefits for babies.

  • develop mentally, socially and physically
  •  prevents colic and constipation
  • stay relaxed and not get upset
  • Relieve teething pain
  • cry and fuss less
  • sleep better

  • Massage is also great for  premature babies and babies with special needs because it: 
    • Improves weight gain
    • Stabilises baby heart rate and respiration rate. 
    • Calmer response to stress and pain.
    • More stable brain activity. 

    These can aid baby to be well enough to go home with their family faster than babies who did not receive massage.

    Give your baby the best gift ever
     " The gift of love through nurturing touch with baby massage"

    Thursday, 19 November 2015

    Pure, Safe and Beneficial!

    Christmas is approaching fast and Massage Therapy is in great demand. I use Sweet almond oil (yes, it is safe for diabetics) or Grape seed oil  as a massage medium. But clients wanted something new, something different. I looked at different products and researched the ingredients because I wanted what is best for my clients. However everything seemed to be made up of a combination of harmful chemicals. It shocked me as to the type of chemicals that was found in children and baby products. I almost gave up and decided to stick to the oils that I already used. It so happened that I visited my friend who does reflexology her therapy room smelled heavenly. She showed me the products Pure, Safe and Beneficial she used from a Network Marketing Company  called Arbonne. When I looked at the ingredients I was stunned.

    Just imagine these products are made from all natural products.

    Men: Exfoliating Wash: Sea Buckthorn oil, walnut shell
             Facial Moisturiser: Chickpea, carrot, strawberry

    Women: Lipsticks: watermelon extract, apple extract
                   Lip gloss: passion fruit oil.

    Children/Baby: Hair and body wash: chamomile flower extract, aloe, sunflower oil
                             Body lotion: cotton seed, hibiscus and sandalwood
                             Nappy cream: sunflower oil and arnica extract
                             Water resistant Sunscreen SPF 30: chamomile flower extract

    I was blown away by the products itself because I couldn't believe that the ingredients used could result in such an amazing outcome. 


    Wednesday, 11 November 2015

    A dream!

    This is an ideal setting for massage. 
    This environment will just take all the stress far, far away. 
    Just imagine SUN SEA & SAND. 
    How lovely is that?

    Thursday, 5 November 2015


    Image result for massage therapy

    Most days I feel like I have been carrying around a tonne of bricks. I feel tension in my waist, back and neck this has led to severe headaches and sleepless nights. Recently I started experiencing a severe pain in my right shoulder which is getting worse. Yesterday the pain started in my left shoulder as well. Life in general has been very stressful  especially trying to juggle work, family, social, financial and personal problems. Problems seem to never end! When I think that I am on top of everything, something else bad happens. 

    Yesterday I decided to leave the kids with my husband and go for a 1 hour full body aromatherapy massage. It was so lovely to have a nice relaxing massage after a very stressful day. I especially loved the combination of the fragrance of the room with the massage oils used. During massage the senses heighten but the mixture of different oils was perfect. I felt that time was mine and I knew there will not be any disturbance. I felt like I could actually think and breathe without any interruptions. After the massage the therapist advised me to drink lots of water and eat a healthy balanced diet. 

    When I got home the place was like a tornado passed through it. Normally I would be very upset and start shouting at my husband and kids. But I just felt energised and calm even though I saw the house turned upside down. I cooked dinner, helped my kids with their homework, put them to bed and then cleaned the house. 

    Life will not be life without facing some sort of problems. But it is a continuous build up of these problems that result in stress which we feel as aches and pain in our body. However with regular massage the tension is relieved therefore helping us to cope with daily problems. Massage therapy benefits mind, body and soul!