Thursday, 19 November 2015

Pure, Safe and Beneficial!

Christmas is approaching fast and Massage Therapy is in great demand. I use Sweet almond oil (yes, it is safe for diabetics) or Grape seed oil  as a massage medium. But clients wanted something new, something different. I looked at different products and researched the ingredients because I wanted what is best for my clients. However everything seemed to be made up of a combination of harmful chemicals. It shocked me as to the type of chemicals that was found in children and baby products. I almost gave up and decided to stick to the oils that I already used. It so happened that I visited my friend who does reflexology her therapy room smelled heavenly. She showed me the products Pure, Safe and Beneficial she used from a Network Marketing Company  called Arbonne. When I looked at the ingredients I was stunned.

Just imagine these products are made from all natural products.

Men: Exfoliating Wash: Sea Buckthorn oil, walnut shell
         Facial Moisturiser: Chickpea, carrot, strawberry

Women: Lipsticks: watermelon extract, apple extract
               Lip gloss: passion fruit oil.

Children/Baby: Hair and body wash: chamomile flower extract, aloe, sunflower oil
                         Body lotion: cotton seed, hibiscus and sandalwood
                         Nappy cream: sunflower oil and arnica extract
                         Water resistant Sunscreen SPF 30: chamomile flower extract

I was blown away by the products itself because I couldn't believe that the ingredients used could result in such an amazing outcome. 


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