Thursday, 5 November 2015


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Most days I feel like I have been carrying around a tonne of bricks. I feel tension in my waist, back and neck this has led to severe headaches and sleepless nights. Recently I started experiencing a severe pain in my right shoulder which is getting worse. Yesterday the pain started in my left shoulder as well. Life in general has been very stressful  especially trying to juggle work, family, social, financial and personal problems. Problems seem to never end! When I think that I am on top of everything, something else bad happens. 

Yesterday I decided to leave the kids with my husband and go for a 1 hour full body aromatherapy massage. It was so lovely to have a nice relaxing massage after a very stressful day. I especially loved the combination of the fragrance of the room with the massage oils used. During massage the senses heighten but the mixture of different oils was perfect. I felt that time was mine and I knew there will not be any disturbance. I felt like I could actually think and breathe without any interruptions. After the massage the therapist advised me to drink lots of water and eat a healthy balanced diet. 

When I got home the place was like a tornado passed through it. Normally I would be very upset and start shouting at my husband and kids. But I just felt energised and calm even though I saw the house turned upside down. I cooked dinner, helped my kids with their homework, put them to bed and then cleaned the house. 

Life will not be life without facing some sort of problems. But it is a continuous build up of these problems that result in stress which we feel as aches and pain in our body. However with regular massage the tension is relieved therefore helping us to cope with daily problems. Massage therapy benefits mind, body and soul! 

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